# 147: Following the footsteps of Aphrodite in Cyprus

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# 147: Following the footsteps of Aphrodite in Cyprus

Idea # 147- Visit the ancient sites of Cyprus and follow the road of Aphrodite

According to the legend, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty of the Olympe, was born in Cyprus. Protector of the island, and lot of cultual sites are dedicated to her. Petra Tou Romiou, on the road of Limassol to Paphos, establishes, according to the mythology, the exact site where was born Aphrodite, and where she went out of some foam of streams. Its name, ” the rock of the Greek ” is due to the intervention of the Greek hero Digenis Akritas, who, according to the legend always, prevented by its only strength the landing of Arabic Saracens at about VIIth century, by throwing them this big block which destroyed their fleet. Nearby it places the sanctuary of Aphrodite de Palaepafos, one of the most famous center of pilgrimage of the cult of Aphrodite of the classic Greek world ; we can see the ruins of the sanctuary there, which pursued its activity until IIIth or IVth century AD.

Near Limassol, Amathous is former one cities – kingdoms of Cyprus, where according to the legend, Thésée abandoned Arianne in the care of the inhabitants. The city(estate) was the second most important place of worship of the goddess Aphrodite-Astarte.

Aphrodite’s cultural road defined and marked out by the department of the Antiques of Cyprus, lingers over archeological sites dedicated to the antique cult of the goddess, and includes the visits of Palepafos, Kouklia, Amathous, Kition, who are themselves in connection with other museums and sites.


See also

  • The Cyprus Museum in Nicosia, which has the finest antique collections of the island
  • The archaeological museums in Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol (small collections that illustrate the local sites)
  • The Pierides Foundation Museum in Larnaca

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