#143 : Cave diving in the Cenotes in Yucatan

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#143 : Cave diving in the Cenotes in Yucatan

Idea #143 – Diving in Cenotes in Mexico

The Cenotes are wells or natural caves, located in the land that formed there millions of years, due to variations level of the platform of Yucatan. Considered as sacred by the Maya, these caves have preserved salty ocean water, mixed with fresh water coming from the rains. Infiltration have created many stalactites and stalagmites in these huge networks of underground rivers. The water is incredibly clear, with a visibility up to 60 meters, giving the feelingof being suspended in the water … The mixing of fresh and salt water givea phenomenon called halocline, which completely blurred the vision for a few moments, and produces a fascinating visual effect. A unique experience to test !


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Cenote Kukulcan and Chac Mol, Yucatan, Mexico

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