#14 : Piloting a microlight Aircraft at low altitude

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#14 : Piloting a microlight Aircraft at low altitude

Idea #14 – Piloting a microlight Aircraft

The Ultra Light Motorised (ULM) pendulum is a  single-engine aircraft ; less than 75 kW sustained him through a flexible wing in which is usually hung by a motorized trolley helix. It can reach speeds of 150 km / h to 180 km / h . Operation is subject to the regulations established by the Department of Civil Aviation. Accompanied by an instructor, or only if you have your Ultra Light Motorised pilot license, fly in the France at low altitude, as a wild pigeon … uh, no, rather a goose. Finally, I believe i cannnnn flyyyyyyy…


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Aérodrome de Meaux, Seine et Marne, France.

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