# 134: Visiting the Sultanate of the East in Yucatan

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# 134: Visiting the Sultanate of the East in Yucatan

Idea # 134- Visit Valladolid, the Sultanate of the East, Yucatan

Valladolid, known under the name of Sultanate del Oriente, is one of the most beautiful colonial cities of the State of Yucatán. Known for the importance of its districts built according to a hipodamien plan, for the wealth of the culture Maya as for its temples and its numerous cénotes, Valladolid was founded in 1543 by Francisco de Montejo ” the nephew “, on the site known as Chouac Ha, but its insalubrity motivated the inhabitants to transfer the city to the ruins of the Mayan city Zac í, also called Zaqui or Zac í, Mayan terms: “zac”, white and “í”, sparrow hawk, that is ” white Sparrow hawk “. During the colonization, Valladolid was the home of development from the east of the Peninsula of Yucatán. By 1835 we built the first textile factory of Mexico there : ” la aurora de la industria yucateca ” (The dawn of the industry yucatèque). Among the colonial constructions of Valladolid we find the Cathedral of San Servacio on the Main Place, the Museum of San Roque, the Municipal Palace, the Temple of San Juan of Dios, the district and Santa Lucía church and San Juan, the former convent of San Bernardino of Siena, builds on an old Cénote, districts Candelaria and Santa Ana and Calzada de los Frailes. Aiiie Gringo, forward!


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Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico

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