# 133: Watching Maya Iguanas

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# 133: Watching Maya Iguanas

Idea # 133- Watching iguanas on the Maya sites in Yucatan

The iguanas of the Yucatán, known under the name of Ctenosaura similis, or iguanosores, meet everywhere in the peninsula, in the places so varied as the jungle, in the entrance of hotels, or on archeological sites… According to statements, they become little aggressive since they are used to the human presence – on the condition of not trying to touch them – and can live 25 years. They served for a long time as food, in particular in the Mayan period, and were exported in this purpose in the Caribbean in the XVIIth and XVIIIth century. Males are bigger than females, and recognize themselves rather clearly. The sites of Tulum (in the South) or El Rey (in the North) abound in it. In Cancún, not less than 1 500 specimens are gathered in gardens and on stones of the Mayan temple of El Rey. They sometimes group together in colony, by tens and are allowed approach in one or two meters. Lizards, here we are!


Where is it?

Tulum, Yucatan, Mexico

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