#129 : Exploring the Thai jungle

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#129 : Exploring the Thai jungle

Idea #129 – Going into the natural park of Khao Pra Taew

The royal park of Khao Pra Taew royal natural hosts a large number animals and is designed as Conservatory of biodiversity. Lying on more than 23 square miles of virgin forest, the park has allowed many species to survive, that would have been impossible in another context unprotected ; he also hosts a study center environment and is placed directly under the protection of the King of Thailand. The primary forest, particularly dense, is spectacular ; formed by giant trees, supported on intertwining roots and vines, it serves as a shelter for many birds, reptiles, insects, butterflies, along with a background very characteristic of the Thai jungle … A rare palm discovery here, known as Pahm lahng kao , ie Palm Governor or Palm Dos Blanc, is a local originality. The reserve also has a high concentration of freshwater springs, part of which form small streams and waterfalls, particularly renowned, like Tonsai Waterfall.


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Royal Khao Pra Taew, Thailand

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