#121: Searching Dragon offsprings in Slovenia

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#121: Searching Dragon offsprings in Slovenia

Idea #121 – In search of Proteus, in the caves of Postojna in Slovenia

The Postojna caves, Postojna in Slovenian, located 50 km south-east of Ljubljana, is a karst network which is more than 20 km long. Their accessibility and the richness made them a tourist attraction known for over 185 years. Ranked on the list of World Heritage, they have already received over 30 million visitors. The caves are accessible by tourist train , which brings tourists to the heart of the caves; however, it is possible to think outside the box and go into closed wild parties the general public, with a guide, with the right equipment.

The caves have been studied since 1689 ; in Gloria del Ducato di Carniola , Janez Vajkard Valvasor describes recent not only as the world’s largest , but as the most monstrous . It was in these caves that the first specimens of most groups of cave fauna have been discovered, including the famous Proteus Anguinus says Proteus anguinus the largest predator of  underground. Belonging to the order of newts and salamanders, the Proteus is totally blind , wrapped in a  unpigmented skin ; he retains larval characteristics like external gills. In adulthood, it can measure 20 at 40 centimeters. Feeding on tiny crabs and snails, it can live near hundred years in its natural environment. In this video, we had the chance to observe Proteus, in their natural environment. Warning : in the legend, the Proteus would be nothing else than …a  dragon offspring !

To studied Proteus better, theys were introduced in Choranche cave .


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Postojna, Slovenia

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