#120 : Visiting the Mine of salt of Wieliczka

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#120 : Visiting the Mine of salt of Wieliczka

Idea # 119 – Visit the salt mine in Wieliczka in Poland

For the XIIIth century, Wieliczka exploits its  veins of underground rock salt on 9 levels and 300 km of galleries. It is the oldest salt mine of Europe still exploited to this day. The site is registered in 1978 on the UNESCO world heritage. After a descent in the well of access by a 53-storeyed staircase, you can walk in a part of 300 km of galleries, fitted out, secured and scénographied by numerous sculptures cut in blocks of salt, illustrating the legend of the discovery of the mine and its exploitation. In hundred meters deep is the most beautiful room of the mine : the chapel of Ste Kinga of Poland, completely in salt, presenting numerous biblical scenes. The ascent to the surface is made by a lift, rather impressive. This place constitutes an excellent shelters for winter: it reigns there permanently a temperature of 14°C !


Where is it ?

Wieliczka, Poland

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