# 117: Going on a pilgrimage to the megalith of Stonehenge

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# 117: Going on a pilgrimage to the megalith of Stonehenge

Idea # 117 – Visit the megaliths of Stonehenge

Stonehenge, whose name means ” suspended stones “, is one of more beautiful megalithic monuments of Europe. It was set up as several successive stages, between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age (from 2800 to 1100 before J.C.). Stonehenge consists of three concentric stony sets. The external set is constituted by big blocks of rectangular stonewares, which form a 30 meters in diameter circle. Inside is the cromlech second constituted by blocks smaller, said by blue stones, in the magic qualities, associated in a set of trilithes in stoneware, consisted each of two vertical blocks topped with a girder. This second set is arranged iron on horseback. Inside the latter is a block of stoneware, collapsed, often interpreted wrongly as a ” stone of altar “. The monument is encircled by a circular ditch of 104 meters in diameter, and by a bank, corresponding to the most primitive structures of the monument.

Stonehenge joins in a much vaster group, of several kilometers, where are mixed sanctuaries, mound, housing environments, forming the biggest concentration of structures of this type in Europe. The atmosphere cannot leave unmoved you, pulling you in your dreams, musing, and taking up with a multithousand-year-old spirituality.



Where is it?

Stonehenge, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, UK

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