# 111: On the landing beaches of Normandy

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# 111: On the landing beaches of Normandy

Idea # 111 – Making a tour and diving on the landing beaches of June 6, 1944

At midnight on June 6, combat lights at both ends of the battlefield, on the right bank of the Orne, between Caen and the sea, the first paratroopers and gliders British land. Face to five beaches, 6,000 ships were gathered, at 2:00 ; men take to the boats and landing craft. The first American wave of soldiers must touch the beaches of Utah and Omaha at 06:30 ; Britain’s first wave, due to the presence of coral in its area, must reach three beaches at 07:30 .

The dawn of D-Day will rise. On both sides of what will be the landing zone, 18000 American, Canadian and British surprised the German soldiers.

In this report, we offer you some images of these legendary places, frome the Pointe du Hoc to Arromanches, with a bonus: a dive on the “phoenix boxes” these artificial elements that were created in Britain and towed to the shores of Arromanches to establish one of the largest artificial harbors in the world, on which 1 million men have landed, with all their  necessary equipmentThis video is dedicated to the memory of those who fought for our freedom.


A visit

  • Pointe du Hoc
  • The battery Long
  • The battery Vierville
  • The Merville Battery
  • The artificial port of Arromanches and Museum
  • the memorial museum of Caen

Where is it?

Arromanches, Calvados, France.
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