#11 : Going down a Class IV gorge in Rafting

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#11 : Going down a Class IV gorge in Rafting

Idea #11 – Going down the Giffre (class II-III) and gorges Tines (class IV) in Rafting

Jumb aboard the raft, an inflatable boat, self-purging, with a team of at least six rowers equipped with paddles, and a helmsman at the rear (if possible monitor!). The raft is unsinkable and very stable, and allows to cross inaccessible gorges  like class IV rivers and above. The opportunity, therefore, to push it to its limits! In this report, we descend the river Giffre, near Samoens,; in the french Alps. I still wonder about the actual skills of the helmsman, who seems to be magnetized by the rocks on the course … the jocker!

Trip Distance: 9km – Level II-III, IV entrance to the gorge – Duration: 1:30


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Gorges du Giffre, Samoens, Haute-Savoie, France.

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