# 109: Blind Diving on a wreck of war

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# 109: Blind Diving on a wreck of war

Idea # 109 – Blind Diving in the Channel, on Harpagas wreck

The dives in the English Channel are pretty epic or heroic : in the summer, if the weather is bearable (water at 16 ° C), the visibility in counterparty is low to very low (up to less than a meter); in winter, visibility is improving, but depends on the temperature (8 ° C), which requires application of drysuit .

In this article, we chose dive into summer in combination 5mm (a feat already) on a wreck of a British cargo ship, the Harpagas , sank shortly after landing in August 1944 by a German mine . The wreck measured 130 meters long before being partially cut , for a width of 17 meters and a weight of 7271 tons. This wreck is also known as “Whiskey”, because of a part of her cargo consisted of bottles of this beverage, which can still sometimes be found on the site …

If the images of the wreck are not really satisfactory, diving conditions and visibility are a kind of ​​adventure.  Visibility : less than a meter, dark night from 15 meters. Only for experienced divers . Good luck !


Sites Tested

  • Wreck of Harpagas
  • Remains of the Phoenix caissons artificial harbor at Arromanches August 1944

Where is it?

Arromanches, Calvados France.
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