# 106: Looking at a sunset over the islands of Friuli

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# 106: Looking at a sunset over the islands of Friuli

Idea # 106 – Visit the Islands of Friuli (Marseille)

The archipelago of Friuli consists of four islands (Pomègues south, north Ratonneau, Château d’If and the island Tiboulen), the set of up to 200 ha, located about 4 km off the coast of Marseille. They is one of 111 islandes around  Marseille.  The island Pomègues (2.7 km long) and the island Ratonneau (2.5 km long, rising to 86 meters) are the two largest islands, connected by a causeway, built under Louis XVIII. These islands served as  advanced dfenses for Marseille since Henri IV, and were refortified  several times until the Second World War. You will find several military installations, including the strange islandeof Ratonneau ; It is also interesting to visit the ruins of Caroline hospital, dedicated to quarantine, built from 1823 and now a historical monument. These islands are also the subject of a great galéjade Marseille as designated seat the Free Republic of Friuli … To get there, you just have to take an express ferry Marseille Friuli, who can also drop you at Chateau d’If. Special rates are available for round trips in the evening, just to enjoy the sunset over the sea.


to see and visit

  • The ruins of the hospital Caroline
  • The Pomègues and Ratonneau Islands
  • Fort Ratonneau
  • The beaches of the islands
  • The Chateau d’If
  • The Old Port of Marseille

Where is it?

Islands of Friuli, Marseille, France.
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