#9 : Going down an underground river

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#9 : Going down an underground river

Idea #9 – Going down an underground river in Cave Gournier in the Vercors

The caving offers a variety of situations; it is possible to evolve in a  “dry” environment as in complete submerged place (see Record # 68 Diving caving ). Well, sure, the intermediate situation exists: feet in the water, head to the free air … For this trip, we chose the cave of Gournier Choranche, in the Vercors, in France. After crossing  a part of the lake on board of an inflatable boat, you will climb karst caverns to the resurgence of an underground source. This cave, gorgeous, consists in galleries with beautiful arches, emerald water. The quality and beauty of the network increases with the distance from the entrance. The expedition will require a  full caving equipment, and a guide formore security. Claustrophobic, refrain…

Total ascent: 680 meters – Network Length: 15125 meters – Medium: 9 ° C Time: 16h around for the entire network.


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Vercors, Isère, France.

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