# 89: Sneaking in the sewers of Paris

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# 89: Sneaking in the sewers of Paris

Idea # 89 – Visit the sewers of Paris

The city of Paris has nearly 2,400 km of underground galleries, which collect runoff and wastewater. Contrary to popular belief, these galleries are part clean  (in part only!) and organized : you can find addresses of streets located on the surface, the names of collectors, pipes of drinking water amount in buildings nothing to do with the description of Les Misérables, making a dark and smelly place. Depending on the time of construction and purpose, the galleries are more or less wide. The oldest, nineteenth century adopt particular ovoid and are sometimes equipped with a culvert carrying water in which they should avoid falling. Go, go down!

For a visit safe, a sewer museum provides access to part of the network, while safety and legality.


Sites tested

  • sewer museum of Paris, Pont de l’Alma, 7th arrondissement
  • All manhole covers …

Where is it?

Paris 7th, France.

Larger Map

Stanislas thank you for the photo.

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