# 86: Visiting the Russian Versailles

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# 86: Visiting the Russian Versailles

Idea # 86 – Visit the Palace of Peterhof, in St. Petersburg

The castle of Peterhof was built in 1720 for czar Peter the Great, impressed by the Palace of Versailles during a journey in France. A Big waterfall, a colossal canal, 176 fountains, gardens, golden statues establish the environment of the castle. By looking well, you will discover some amusement of the affectation, in the form of hidden fountains (water jets), of shaky chairs or of automatons, which the czar liked imposing on his guests


To see and visit

    • The channel
    • Fountains
    • The Castle
    • The cave, its hydraulic, its table trapped fruits
    • The return speedboat in St Petersburg

Where is it?

Peterhof, Petrodvorets, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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