#647 : Observing Senegal’s wildlife in Bandia

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#647 : Observing Senegal’s wildlife in Bandia

Idea #647 – Observing Senegal’s wildlife in Bandia

Located 65 km from Dakar, between the new international airport and Mbour, near the village of Bandia, the reserve was created in 1990, in front of the first private reserve of Senegal. The area of ​​this reserve is 1500 hectares closed, with an extension to 3500 hectares. While other Senegalese parks are mainly dedicated to birds (Djoudj National Bird Park or Langue de la Barbarie National Park), Bandia is home to many mammals, deliberately reintroduced in the region. Among the animal species present in the park, there are rhinoceros, giraffes, large antelopes, dama gazelles, Derby eland, buffaloes, patas monkeys, vervets, warthogs, hippotragues, zebras. , jackals or mongooses. However, there are also nearly 120 species of birds, as well as ostriches, giant turtles and crocodiles.The park’s emblem is the Western Derby Eland, of which less than 300 individuals still survive in the world. This antelope, the largest in the world, is therefore in critical danger of extinction. One hundred and seventy individuals live in the wild in Niokolo Koba National Park, the others are distributed between Bandia and Fathala, on the border of Gambia. In these two reserves, the population has grown from 6 “founding” animals, 1 male and 5 females, in 2000 to more than 100 today. Herd exchanges are done regularly to avoid consanguinity and the associated risks. By going to Bandia, you will have the incredible chance to observe this majestic antelope while supporting its conservation program.


Where is it?

Nature Reserve of Bandia, Sénégal

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