#612 : Exploring Sulaiman Too Mountain in Osh, in Kirghizstan

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#612 : Exploring Sulaiman Too Mountain in Osh, in Kirghizstan

Idée #612 – Exploring Sulaiman Too Mountain in Osh, in Kirghizstan

The Sacred Mountain of Sulaiman-Too dominates the landscape of the Fergana Valley and forms the background of the city of Osh, at the crossroads of important Silk Roads of Central Asia. For over a millennium and a half, Sulaiman-Too has been a beacon for travelers, a sacred mountain venerated by all. Its five peaks and flanks are home to many ancient places of worship and petroglyphic grottos, as well as two later and largely reconstructed mosques. On the site, there were 101 locations with petroglyphs representing humans, animals or geometric shapes. There are also many ritual sites of which 17 are still used. The place of prayer of Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire, or the location of a fire temple, is still visible. Scattered around peaks, places of worship are connected by trails and are associated with beliefs: cures treating infertility, migraines, back pain and increasing longevity. This place of veneration mixes pre-Islamic and Islamic beliefs, mingled with shamanism. The site is considered a perfect example of the sacred mountain of Central Asia, worshiped through several millennia. The site is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Where is it ?

Solaiman Too, Osh, Kirghizstan

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