# 58:Climbing down the Gorges de la Richiusa

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# 58:Climbing down the Gorges de la Richiusa

Idea # 58 – Canyoning in the gorges of the Richiusia [Corse]

The canyoning is to move in the bed rivers whose flow can be  important and to go in grooves or narrow ravines with waterfalls of varying heights. The progression was mainly walk, but also swiming or by using the techniques of rope progression commonly used in caving, especially abseiling. To visit Corsica otherwise, go down the gorges Richiusa in canyoning mode, in the massif of granite of Vizzanova. This canyon is the hottest of the island, particularly playful. The first part of the course consists into five passable basins slides, three jumps, slides again, and concludes with a cascade of 12 meters followed by a slide . From this point, it looks like caving. Six jumps then followed. Confirmed  climbers, you can also refer to pin # 48 on the throats of Ecouges.

Attention ! In case of severe storm over the gorge, the configuration of the canyon makes it particularly dangerous. Learn before leaving.

Length: 1200 meters – Elevation: 220 meters – Highest waterfall: 14 meters
Overall technical level: Not too difficult – Length of downhill: 2:30


Where is it?

The Richiusa, Bocognano, Corsica, France.

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