#541 – Meeting a desert elephant in Namibian Brandberg

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#541 – Meeting a desert elephant in Namibian Brandberg

Idea #541 – Meeting a desert elephant in Namibian Brandberg

The desert elephant is identical to its brother of the African bush, Loxodonta africana, to some details near. The elephants of the desert arise from African elephants who are used on the difficult conditions of the dry and semi-arid zones. Today, the only specimens which remain are in Namibia and in Mali.

Their morphology is identical to that of their brothers of the African continent, however their body seems narrower, plausible sign of a lesser food contribution. They possess some other peculiarities: their feet are appreciably wider than those of the elephants living in bush, certainly due to their long walking on a sandy soil which contributes in évaser their small cushions; their legs are also longer. As other elephants, the desert elephant is herbivore. It eat sall that they find in vegetation: herbs, grasses, shrubs, trees, barks, fruits, seeds … Males would consume up to 250 kilos a day, going to break trees and shrubs to consume fibers and sap.

Before the Angolan conflict, the desert éléphants desert migrated historically on hundreds of kilometers, of the river Kunene – establishing the border with Angola – up to the river Hoarusib, in Damaraland. The poaching ended this spectacular migration. Fortunately, further to the implementation of protective measures and preservation, we count recently some 600 individuals in the region of the river Kunene. This mountainous and desert region is appreciated by the elephants because they find bushes of myrrh there which they quite particularly seem to appreciate. Another group lives in the valley of the river Uniab whereas several clans of elephants of the desert live near the river Hoarusib and in the valley of Hoanib … it would seem even what is more one or the other group migrates constantly between these last two valleys. Their travels are mainly made of night, taking advantage of the fresher temperature.

We were able to meet an elephant of the desert, Mister Bullet, who took its up residence in Brandberg, mountainous and semi-arid zone. Its tracks are easy to follow – everything is moved or destroys on the passage. Provided with beautiful white and very long defenses, he quickly identified with us and observed.


Where is it?

Brandberg, Namibia

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