#541 : Chating with the baboons of Namibia

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#541 : Chating with the baboons of Namibia

Idea #541 – Chating with the baboons of Namibia

Baboons are Primates living in band. The classification of Baboons lifts numerous difficulties. Indeed, the diverse species occupy nearby geographical areas, the hybridization between two species is frequent. Thus a number of specialists consider only Baboons form only a single species Papio hamadryas, the others are only subspecies.

Although Baboons are native of big forests of Africa, and thus initially dependent on the forest environment, they adapted themselves to the open savannas. An incredible population of Baboons chacmas arises ancore at present in the desert of Namib, in Southern Africa. With less than 30 mm of rain a year, the aridity of the place is extreme. By sucking only only some roots and ends of bark of shrubs, these baboons can stay about 30 days without drinking!


Where is it?

Désert du Namib, Sossusvlei, Namibie

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