#521 : Visiting the Moldovan Republic of Dniestr called Transnistria

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#521 : Visiting the Moldovan Republic of Dniestr called Transnistria

tnIdea #521 – Visiting the Moldovan Republic of Dniestr called Transnistria

Transnistria, of full name Moldavian Republic of the Dniester – MRD – is a territory occupied by Russian troops and de facto not recognized, independent State since the dislocation of the USSR in 1991. This State can be considered today as the last historic Soviet territory of the world.

Transnistria extends over the Ukrainian historic regions of Podolie and Yedisan. With the exception of the cities of Dubasari and Bender, its territory belonged neither to the former Principality of Moldova, nor to former Bessarabia. In 1924, this region is incorporated into the Moldavian autonomous Soviet socialist Republic, mainly roumanophone, creates by the Soviet citizens within the Socialist Republic Soviet citizen of Ukraine. In 1940, these territories are included in the USSR, under the name of Socialist Republic Soviet citizen of Moldova. The MRD secedes from Moldova in 1991 when the latter takes its independence towards the USSR. The Russian military presence is assured by the “operational group of the Russian strengths in Moldova, name which was given in 2005 to the elements of the XIVth army of the Armed forces of Russian Federation.

Today, Transnitrie kept all the assets of an authentic Soviet State: a soviet, a statue of Lenin, soldiers, still soldiers, policemen, still policemen, armored cars MTLB, spectacular military parades, roadblocks of control, doubtful and random procedures of visas, bakchichs, still bakchichs, and a reputation at the height. Nevertheless, the inhabitants are welcoming and the small country is rather prosperous…


Where is it?

Tiraspol / Bender / Transnistria

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