#520 : Following the adventure in the Gipsy Hill of Soroca

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#520 : Following the adventure in the Gipsy Hill of Soroca

Idea #520 – Following the adventure in the Gipsy Hill of Soroca

The Moldavian city of Soroca is especially famous by in its fortress, and its symbolic monument says of the “Candle of the gratitude”, but also by the exuberant constructions of Roms, which knew what to do with their savings and profits. The district is strewed with luxurious and ostentatious palaces, which distinguish themselves less by their architecture than by their bad taste. Of the White House, to the Élysée Palace, everything is possible. In the inner courtyards of these buildings, always empty, closer to mausoleums than to houses, you can see an abundance of luxury cars, forged statuettes, and cloths drying.

About 3000 Roms live in this district. Mainly Russian-speaking persons, there is no realistic explanation to this grouping, which dates maybe the end of medieval period, or more most probably as we think of it, last Ukrainian pogroms. This population, which is little by little to settle, obeys specific rules of life, appropriate to this community, managed by the “bro rrom”, called the Baron, Artur Cerari. His house would count more than 30 rooms, and its collection of cars, deserving of a dealer, would include in particular the limousine of the ex-first Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR, Yuri Andropov. Artur Cerari rèverait to develop to Soroca an international university center, dedicated to the tsiganology…


Where is it?

Gipsy Hill, Soroca, Moldova

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