#514 : Visiting the monastery of Sanahin in Armenia

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#514 : Visiting the monastery of Sanahin in Armenia

Idea  #514 – Visiting the monstery of Sanahin in Armenia

The monastery of Sanahin and that of Haghpat, are situated in the marz of Lorri. These two Byzantine monasteries, founded during the period of prosperity of the Kiurikian dynasty, were important centers of relesase of the Armenian culture. Sanahin was famous for its school of illumination and calligraphy. Both monastic complexes represent the most remarkable architectural example of the Armenian religious art, arisen from the alliance of elements of the Byzantine religious architecture and from the traditional vernacular architecture of this region of the Caucasus, which developed between the Xth and the XIIIth centuries.

After the taking of Ani by the Mongols in 1236, monasteries are ransacked. Several times reconstructed, they are again plundered by the Ottoman legions of Timur. From 1759 till 1795, monasteries know a new golden age, developing their libraries and their academies.

To Sanahin, the main church, also built by queen Khosrovanouch, is dedicated to the Saint rescuer. It includes four side chapels. The narthex neighboring to the church was later built two centuries, in 1181. The monastery, until XIIth century, belonged to the Kiourikides’ family.

The monastery of Sanahin joined the one of Haghpat in 2000 on the UNESCO world heritage list.


Where is it?

Monastery of Sanahin, Lorri, Armenia

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