#503 : Exploring the georgian fortress of Ananouri

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#503 : Exploring the georgian fortress of Ananouri

Idea #503 – Exploring the georgian fortress of Ananouri

The fortified monastery by Ananouri is situated on the left bank of the river of Aragvi, in about fifty kilometers of Tbilisi. The architectural complex of Ananouri dates the late feudal period of the XVIth and XVIIth centuries.

Ananouri was alternately and in a concomitant way a place of worship, a national gathering place, and a military fortified town. The low first part consisted of an urban fortified place, called Kvémo Ananouri, today totally ruined. The second part, the real citadel, the account two beautiful churches, enclosed by thick preserved walls. It was dukes of Aragvi’s property. They built the complex to control the main road, during a period which sets them to rival dukes, but also as sanctuary, associated with their family necropolis. The fortress, which is reflected in the magnificent water tank of Jinvali, was restored in the XVIIIth century and was used until XIXth century. The site is registered on the indicative list of the UNESCO world heritage.


Where is it?

Ananouri, Georgia

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