#498 : Visiting the Black Bastion of Alexandropol in Gyumri in Arménie

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#498 : Visiting the Black Bastion of Alexandropol in Gyumri in Arménie

Idea #498 – Visiting the Black Bastion of Alexandropol in Gyumri in Arménie

In 1804, Gyumri, or Gyumri, was integrated into the Russian Empire, after the Russian-Persian war. In 1837, the Russian czar Nicolas Ier made rename the city Alexandropol, in homage to his wife, princess Charlotte of Prussia, renamed Alexandra Fyodorovna after her conversion in the orthodox Christianity.

In 1834, the city of Alexandropol, which knew a fast development, was an important outpost of the imperial Russian army in Transcaucasia. The fortress, which was then built, is intended to welcome 15 000 men. It follows a classic bastioned design, completed by a circular buildings isolated on a hill, called Sev Ghul, “the black sentinel”, also called the “Black Bastion”, because of its color, owed in stone in basalt used in her construction. In 1920, the fortress was attacked and occupied by the Turkish army, before being dislodged by the Russian army, leaving some traces of balls and pieces of shrapnel on facades. The site is now occupied by the 102nd Russian military division, grouping 5 000 men, which supports Armenia militarily.


Where is it?

Fort and Black Bastion, Gyumri, Armenia

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