#489 : Visiting the medieval fortress of Amberd in Armenia

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#489 : Visiting the medieval fortress of Amberd in Armenia

Idea #489 – Visiting the medieval fortress of Amberd in Armenia

Amberd is a medieval Armenian fortress of the marz of Aragatsotn. The name “Amberd” results from the Armenian “amp” who means “cloud” and “berd” which means “fort”, summarizing the characteristics of a castle situated at more than 2 300 meters high.

The fortress, built in the VIIth century on a rock peak, is one of the most beautiful testimonies of the medieval Armenian military architecture. It is the family fief of Princes de Pahlavuni. Taken by Seldjoukides in the XIth century, Amberd is plundered by the Mongols in the XIIth century. The site is abandoned in the XIVth century.

The fortress occupies a triangular spur surrounded with a profound canyon on three of its sides. Near the attack, a citadel raises itself, protected by a high wall of tuff flanked of full semicircular turrets, preceded by a donjon. Entrances are made to the right and to the left of the citadel by a door and a postern. On the tray remain vestiges of several constructions, and the church Vahramashen (“built by Vahram”), built by prince Vahram Vatchoutian in 1026.


Where is it?

Amberd, Armenia

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