#479 : Driving an amphibian armoured vehicle of the soviet army

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#479 : Driving an amphibian  armoured vehicle of the soviet army

huIdea #479 – Driving an amphibian  armoured vehicle of the soviet army

The GSP-55 (Гусеничный самоходный паром) is a Soviet amphibian vehicle with aquatic functions, allowing to transport military heavy vehicles. The GSP-55 was introduced from 1959 into the armed forces of the Warsaw Pact as well as into other pro-communist States.

The GSP-55 is served by a 3 members crew. It weighs 17 tons, for a 12,7 meter length and a 3,5 meter width. It is equipped with a 8D6 diesel, of 200 CV engine. On ground, it reaches a speed of 45 kmh, 7,7 kmh loaded in the water, and a speed of 10,8 kmh empty in the water. This vehicule has a 500 km autonomy on dry land and a 10 hours autonomy in navigation. The GSP-55 is equipped with 7 pebbles caterpillars. The main wheels are in the bow, the driving wheels in the stern of the vehicle.

When the vehicle penetrates into the water, he can engage a system of propeller which allows it to cross a river against a current of 2 m/s. He can transport vehicles weighing up to 52 tons, and climb a 1 meter high bank. The vehicle can transport elements of pontoon which can deploy on both sides of the vehicle. In this video, we have tested the limits of this incredible vehicle.


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Varpalota, Vezprem, Hungary

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