#461 : Diving with the sea lions in the Cortez Sea

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#461 : Diving with the sea lions in the Cortez Sea

Idea #461 – Diving with the sea lions in the Cortez Sea

The Sea lion of California (Zalophus californianus), also called Sea lion of California, is a big sea lion, present from Los Islotes, two rocky islands situated near La Paz in Mexico, to the archipelago of Channel Islands, Los Angeles. This species also occupies places of rest on the banks of the Pacific to Oregon and in British Columbia, particularly in autumn and in winter when the male adults and the pre-adults move northward. In 2015, we estimated the global population to more than 380 000 individuals, what allows to say that this species is not in danger. To Los Islotes, the local population is estimated to approximately 350 individuals.

The male adults are mainly dark brown with a clearer tint on the stomach and the sides. Females are dark brown or brown red. The male adults can measure until 2,4 m and weigh up to 390 kg. Females measure until 2 m for 110 kg. A study allowed to observe an average longevity of 17 years for males and of 25 years a maximum for females.

The old males can show themselves rather territorial and dangerous, and it is advisable to respect certain distances, the jaw of the sea lion is 3 times as powerful as the jaw of a bulldog ! On the other hand, the young are very players and little wild. They like playing with the divers and nibble all the accessories of them.


Where is it ?

La Paz, Baja California, Mexique

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