#440 : Meeting the Little Mermaid in Copenhaguen

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#440 : Meeting the Little Mermaid in Copenhaguen

dkIdea #440 – Visiting the historic city of Copenhaguen

Copenhagen (in Danish København) is the capital and the biggest city of Denmark. Founded in the Xth century by the Vikings, Copenhagen was originally a fishermen’s village, strengthened in 1167. The city became the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark from the beginning of the XVth century.

During the XVIIth century, under the reign of king Christian IV, the city becam one of the biggest big cities of the Northern Europe, strengthening its status of capital. Despite the devastation of the plague and numerous fires in the XVIIIth century, Copenhagen has still old buildings, in particular the district of Frederiksstaden and institutions as the Danish royal Theater or the Royal Academy of Arts. Partially destroyed by the troops of admiral Nelson during the battle of Copenhagen in 1801, the city wass reconstructed in a neo-classic style during the Age of Danish gold. The town planning of Copenhagen wass renovated following the Second World War by the plan Finger, which organizes the industrial and urban development around five railroads leaving of the city center.

During your visit, go to the Palace of Amalienborg Palace, the official residence of the Danish Royal Family, in front of which the ceremony of the changing of the guard takes place, then go to Nyhavn, the most photographed district in Copenhagen. Finally, do not forget to visit the Little Mermaid, situated near the Citadel, the Kastellet, an old fortification watching the entrance to Baltic Sea.


Where is it?

Copenhaguen, Denmark.

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