# 438 : Visiting the Moravian Church colony of Christiansfeld

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# 438 : Visiting the Moravian Church colony of Christiansfeld

dkIdea #438 – Visiting the city of Christiansfeld in Denmark

UnescoFounded in 1773 in Jutland of the South, this colony is an example of strategic populating of the moravian Church, a Lutheran free congregation based in Herrnhut, in Saxony. Designed as the model of the Protestant urban ideal, the city is developed around a central church and around its place. The houses, on the same level or in a floor, present homogeneous yellow brick-built walls without ornament and roofs in red tiles.

The democratic organization of the moravian Church, who was a pioneer regarding ideas of equality, expresses itself in its humanist town planning, illustrated by the opened plan opened on farmlands and its buildings, like the collective houses for the widows and the single women. The city is always inhabited by an influential community of the moravian Church. The site was classified on the UNESCO world heritage list in 2015. During your visit, do not hesitate to taste the local speciality, the Honningkager !

Where is it?

Christiansfeld, Denmark

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