#405 : Watching the turtles laying eggs in Chacocente

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#405 : Watching the turtles laying eggs in Chacocente

niIdea #405 – Exploring the natural park of Chacocente

The natural reserve of Chacocente protects the most importing vestiges of dry rain forest of the Nicaraguan Pacific Coast, and one of the two main places, with Punta La Flor in the South of San Juan del Sur on the Pacific Coast of the country is also, where sea turtles come to lay their eggs. Of the beginning of July at the end of January, by moonless nights, the tortoises land by thousands, forming massive landings, called “arribadas”, among which each lasts from two to four days and group from 3000 to 10 000 tortoises. Other species of chelonians also come to lay in these places, as the tortoise lute of the Pacific,  species today highly threatened. Not to disturb these animals, the authorities organized the beach to manage the creation of nests on a place easy to watch and to avoid so the poaching of eggs, to consume locally for their aphrodisiac qualities. Off season, with a little luck, you will meet some of them, as us…


Where is it ?

Natural Park of Chacocente, Masaya, Nicaragua

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