#403 : Exploring the wet forest of the volcano Mombacho

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#403 : Exploring the wet forest of the volcano Mombacho

niIdea #403 – Exploring the wet forest of the volcano Mombacho

Mombacho is a volcano of Nicaragua, in Central America, situated near the city of Granada. Integrated into a natural reserve called”Reserva Natural Volcan Mombacho”, the summit of the volcano is 1400 meters high, what makes it the highest fifth mountain range of Nicaragua. The park also contains one of the last zones of rain forest of Nicaragua, with one unique flora and a fauna. Because of its microclimate, this zone is a real botanical “island”, with more than 750 botanical species, of which in particular 130 species of different orchids. In the rain forest of mountain, the epiphytic plants cover totally trees. This ecosystem accommodate also 50 species of mammals and 174 species of birds. Along paths, it is still possible to observe tracks of activity of the volcano : steam and smoke escape regularly from fissures and from holes, reminding the volcanic character of the place. 


Where is it ?

Mombacho, Grenada, Nicaragua

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