#4 : Flying a Boeing 747 from Paris to Rio

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#4 : Flying a Boeing 747 from Paris to Rio

Idea #4 – The Boeing 747 Flight Simulator

The  flying Simulator B747 can control an airliner-type 747, with the guidance of a professional pilot. Contrary to what one might think, the simulator is not originally used for learning to pilot but very specific training for a personal pilot already . The main objective is for students to acquire the knowledge of a new aircraft, very strict to follow in a particular phase of flight procedures and check understanding of instructions under the instructor supervision.

The simulator lets you take the controls of a jumbo jet, like a 747, choose the destination that makes you dream, and perform a complete flight instead of a professional pilot with all the sensations, under the guidance of a professional instructor, incidentally in the company of charming hostess (if you have planned …), and demystify all those buttons and dials. Have a good flight!


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Flight Simulator, Paris, France.

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