#397 : Exploring the Moghol’s necropolis of Delhi

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#397 : Exploring the Moghol’s necropolis of Delhi

inIdea #394 – Visiting Humayun’s tumb in Dehli

UnescoThe Humayun’tumb is a complex of moghole architecture in Delhi, in India is. The site is near Purana Qila to Nizamuddin Est and shelters the grave of emperor Humayun as well as 150 members of royal the family, where from its nickname of necropolis of the dynasty moghole. In its death in 1556, Humayun was buried at first in Purana Qila, in Delhi. Fearing that his his grave is desecrated by king Hemu, who had just overcome the mogholes armies, Akbar ordered that the remains of his father are moved in Punjab. Nine years after the death of the emperor, his first wife Biga Begum (also called Hajji Begum) decided to build a new grave more sophisticated in homage to her husband. The works began in 1569 and ended by 1571 for a total 1,5 million rupee cost. Besides the grave of Humayun, we find in the main building the graves of his women Biga Begum and Hamida Begum as well as of Dara Shikoh, his back-great-grandson. The moghols emperors Jahandar Shah, Farrukhsiyâr, Rafi-ud-Darajat, Rafi-ud-Daulat and Alamgir II are also buried there. The first one grave-garden of the Indian subcontinent, it is the first building of this size to be built in red stoneware. Its garden of Persian style is then unpublished in India and marks the progress of the moghol art, which will reach its peak with another mausoleum: Taj Mahal. The site is registered on the list world of the heritage of the UNESCO since 1993.


Where is it ?

Humayun’Tumb, Dehli, Inde

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