#393 : Climbing the hot steps of the Rockfort Temple in Trichi

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#393 : Climbing the hot steps of the Rockfort Temple in Trichi

inIdée #393 – Climbing the steps of the Rockfort Temple in Trichi

The strong, modest Rock fortress created by Nayak in the XVIth century on a rock peak, dominate Tiruchirapally, that’s to say the city of the ” sacred rock “. It is necessary to leave its shoes at the bottom of 400 steps, and to face the ascent, barefoot, on particularly hotsteps, because of the sun which strikes them. In ascent, halfway, a temple is dedicated to Shiva, who possesses a hall of 100 pillars and a vimana covered with gold. On the south side of the massif are several temples cut in the rock, of period Pallava du VIIe century. At the top of the Strong Rock is a temple modern, dedicated to Ganesh. The panorama is magnificent on the city and, farther, on rice fields, banana plantations and immense coconut plantation, where we also perceive the towers of the temple of Srirangam. The place impressed strongly Pierre Loti, when this well known writer visited it one century ago…


Where is it ?

Trichy, Tamil Nadu, Inde

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