# 375: Meeting the macaques of Ceylon

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# 375: Meeting the macaques of Ceylon

lk Idea # 375 – Observing a unique species of macaques in Sri Lanka

The crowned macaque (Macaca sinica) is a species of macaque which lives only on the island of Sri Lanka in the southeast of India. It is a small-sized macaque, the morphology of which makes it so comfortable in its movements ground as tree-dwelling. Its dorsal coat is pale compared with other macaques, color chamois with brown gilded with often amber reflections. The lap parties are clear going from the white to the silvery grey, with the exception of the extremities, the feet, the hands, the ears, the lips and the eyelids which can be grey dark to blacks according to the subspecies. The head is dressed of a kind of crown in the shape of a disk, constitued by lengthened  hairs radiating since the summit of the skull, the color of which goes of the amber to the golden brown. The male can reach  a weight from 4 to 6 kg for a size from 40 to 55 cms. The diet of the macaque with fur hat is essentially vegetarian and consists in mainly of fruits and seeds. The macaque with fur hat is a part of vulnerable sspecies according to the UICN, in particular because of the destruction of the housing environment by the man and of climate change which threaten the precarious balance of the forests of Sri Lanka.


Where is it ?

Sri Lanka

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