# 374: Discovering the Ayurvedic medicine in Sri Lanka

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# 374: Discovering the Ayurvedic medicine in Sri Lanka

lk Idea # 374 – Discovering Ayurvedic Medicine and properties of plants

The ayurvedic medicine is widely used in hospitals and health centers of the Sri Lanka. The Buddhist monks, for a long time holders of this thousand-year-old science, committed the social and free character of this surprising medicine. This thousand-year-old science which draws its roots from the vedic tradition of India is widely represented on the whole former Ceylon. Approximately 2600 plants are used in the ayurvedic pharmacopoeia to which it is necessary to add mineral powders and metals as gold, silver and copper. If most of the plants come from the Sri Lanka, certain species come from Himalayan foothills or from China. The picking obeys very precise rules, defined in the textbooks of ayurveda. The flower, the leaf, the stalk or the root of the same plant have each a different action on the body. Our guide took time to explain us the virtues of certain botanical species, more or less known …


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