#373: Discovering the Sri Lankan Cooking

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#373: Discovering the Sri Lankan Cooking

lkIdea #373 – Discovering the Sri Lankan Cooking

As its Pakistani and Indian neighbours, the Sri Lancan cooking uses rice as the basic ingredient and curry as the main spice a lot. It distinguishes itself a little from the latter by the variety of the accompaniments : the curried rice for example, is generally accompanied with about ten small dishes the flavors of which are varied, among whom(which), of the sweet potato, the gee kola (worn coconut, onions, hot pepper, lemon, salt), the flower of banana, the purée of lenses, the papadam (kind of crackers), the worn coconut, pieces of ox(beef), pieces of chicken or fish … Allying subtly the sweet, salty(steep) and spicy flavors, every ingredient or support(accompaniment) is not there accidentally(by chance); for example, the coconut serves to moderate the fire(light) of the hot pepper. In the habits of the Sri Lancan gastronomy, dishes are served at the same moment, so that every dinner guest can taste a little everything. Go, we follow Maïté of Sri Lanka and we enjoy!


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