# 365: Diving in the Maldives atolls

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# 365: Diving in the Maldives atolls

mv Idea # 365 – Diving in the atolls of the Maldives

Waters of the Maldive Islands are rich of fauna : tortoises, manta rays, sharks grey, sharks corals, and sometimes even whale sharks wait for you under the water. The marine wildlife includes more than 1200 species of fishes, shells and invertebrates, huge napoleons, benches of barracudas, platax, tunas and jack fish as well as a multitude of small fishes of reefs among which fishes clowns, always under cover in their anemones idols. The dives are varied, but often in strong current, near master passes. Thus prefer the dérivantes dives to avoid the problems. These particular conditions allow to observe the pelagic fauna, but also stations of cleaning of mantas, and sharks of reef in walk. At the beginning of the year (from January till April), the fresher water engenders an impressive visibility which can reach 60 meters. From May till October, the rainier season brings an important animal activity among which manta rays and whale sharks. The Maldive Islands offer undoubtedly the most complete dives of Indian Ocean: it reefs rich in colors and alive, omnipresent density of fishes, pelagic fauna presence make a destination appreciated by the divers for several years. For us no whale sharks, but whales as such, and that it is rarer.


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