#36 : Snorkeling with the turtles of Akumal in Mexico

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#36 : Snorkeling with the turtles of Akumal in Mexico

Idea #36 – See turtle in snorkeling in the coral reef of Akumal, Mexico

Situated between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, Akumal is accessible by bus collectivo for 35 pesos since Playa. The beach, in 300m of the carretera, is an attractive handle lined with coconut palms. The water is pretty clear, but the place is especially known for its sea turtles. Once equipped with flippers, mask,  tuba, spot the groups of divers and join them, there will be certainly just next of a turtle ! You find the first turtles traight from step 30 or 40 meters of the coast, in just 2 meters deep. The biggest make more than one meter long and weigh until 300kg. You will see them grazing seaweeds at the bottom of the water, near the coral reef, and going back up regularly to breathe on the surface.


Where is it ?

Plage d’Akumal, Yucatan, Mexique

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