#351: Exploring the Isle of Mull

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#351: Exploring the Isle of Mull

gbIdea #351 – Exploring the Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull, in Scottish Gaelic Muile, is an island of the United Kingdom situated in the Scotland. It is the largest second island of inner Hebrides. The majority of its 2 000 inhabitants live in Tobermory, the main city where is the only distillery. This city became famous by the view of its port with its multicolored houses, which constituted the decoration of the broadcast for children “Balamory”, produced by the BBC, from 2002 till 2005. The island presents a torumented coast of about 480 km long and varied reliefs, sometimes rocky cliffs, sometimes sandy beaches; inside lands, pastures contrast with the deserted moors. It possesses the claimed more beautiful beach of Scotland, even United Kingdom, in Calgary Bay. The island, still not enough wild, is known for its fauna, in particular of sea eagle and marine otters.


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Isle of Mull, United Kingdom

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