#350: Observing the intelligence of the “Brown Capuchin” monkey

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#350: Observing the intelligence of the “Brown Capuchin” monkey

frIdea #350 – Observing of the “Brown Capuchin” monkey

Apelle is also named Capuchin monkey, Apelle, Sajou black, Sajou Apelle,  Capuchin with black cowlick, or brown Capuchin Capuchin.It possesses a bréviligne silhouette, with a sagittal crest at the male adult, a nasal opening higher than wide, a convex forehead, and relatively short and thick canine. The brown Capuchin monkeypossesses a short and silky coat, with the back, the shoulders and brown croup. Its body is 38 to 43 cms with a tail from 40 to 45 cms, for a weight from 3,5 to 4,8 kg for the male and from 2,5 to 3,4 kg for the female. He can live from 20 to 40 years. Considered as its intelligence which would be understandable partially by its mode of food, it knows how to break the hard walnuts of palm by striking them against a branch, knows how to use stones to open shells and or rudimentary tools to blow up the bark of trees. To strike, to rub and to make lever are common activities to this animal. While we observed one of its congeners, another Capuchin monkey tried to make us backpacks…


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Guiana, France

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