# 339: Watching the seaeagles of Mull

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# 339: Watching the seaeagles of Mull

gb Idea # 339 – Bird watching the birds of Hebrides Island

The Hebrides are the site of numerous ornithological species, of which the seaeagle. The latter, also called in Gaelic ” the eagle with brightened up eyes ” is one of bigger flying birds of Europe; it was reintroduced at the end of 1970s with young birds coming from Arctic Norway. Among the also present multiple species on it territories, let us quote the red-billed Chough, the Alpine Grouse, the Arctic skua, the Capercaillie, the Osprey, the Barnacle goose, Gannets, the Black grouse, the Guillemot with Mirror, the Arctic Dive, the Cheerful Goose, the Hen harrier, the Corncrake, the Crested tit, the Dotterel, the Gull Tridactyle, the Eider, the Fulmar, the Hawk Pélerin, the Withers with Golden eye, the Goosander, the Greylag goose, the Grebe Esclavon, the Big Skua, Guillemots, the short-billed Goose, the Red grouse, the Crossbill of the Scotland, the Swan Singer, the Dive Catmarin, the Eagle, the Puffin, the Puffin from the English people, Milan Royal, Océanite Tempête, the Auk Torda… That makes many feathers, not always easy to recognize, but we are sure of a thing: we saw an eagle on the island of Mull! And other thing, that looked like well a heron!


Where is it?

Hebrides, United Kingdom

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