#333: Visiting the capital of Scotland

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#333: Visiting the capital of Scotland

gb Idea #333 – Visiting Edinburgh

UnescoEdinburgh (Dùn Èideann in Gaelic, Embra, Edinburrie, Edinburra and Edimbra it scots) is the capital of the Scotland since 1532. Since its establishment in 1999, it is the seat of the Scottish Parliament. The city, very reconstructed in the XIXth century, is dominated by its castle, royal residence for the XIth century. In 1329, Edinburgh receives its postage. In the XVth century, it is strengthened; in 1513, after the defeat of Flodden in front of the English people, the middle-class persons of the city decide on the erection of a new line of defence called the wall of Flodden. In 1707, after the unification of the Parliaments of the Scotland and England, the city loses of its political importance but stays an important economic and cultural center. The old city center, built around alleys, the closed or wynds, connected with the main artery ” Royal Mile ” which comes down from the castle, conserved its medieval face, as well as numerous buildings dating from the reforme period. From the beginning of the XVIth century, the constraints been imperative by the lack of space due to the narrow-mindedness of the edge on which is built the old town made of Edinburgh one of the first cities(estates) build real tower blocks. In 1824, a part of the city is destroyed by a fire, which is then reconstructed, and which offers this strange view of neo-rrenaissance towers close to the decor of amovie (between Harry Potter and Jack the Ripper) today. To visit, besides the castle, cathedrals Saint Gilles, saint-Marie and saint-Marie, National Gallery, Charlotte Square, or still National Museum of Scotland. The districts of the old woman and the new city are classified world heritage by the UNESCO since 1995. During three weeks in August, Edinburgh is the seat of the biggest festival of the world, presenting shows of all kinds. Let’s o, we are going to eat Haggis!


Where is it?

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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