#332: Exploring the largest Neolithic Henge in the World

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#332: Exploring the largest Neolithic Henge in the World

gb Idea #332 – Visiting the Neolithic site of Avebury

Avebury is a Neolithic site, situated in the county of Wiltshire, in the South of England. It is constituted by a huge cromlech, the biggest in the world, which surrounds a village of the same name and two other smaller cromlechs, and aligned menhirs forming two “avenues”, and other associated monuments, as Silbury Hill (the biggest tumulus of Europe), West Kennet Long Barrow (the longest grave covered with England), or The Sanctuary and Windmill Hill. The cromlech of Avebury was set up by 2600 BC. It consists of several called cromlechs stony circles. The outside circle has 335 meter one diameter for stones and of 421 meters, bank and included ditch. It consisted at the origin of 98 stones, among which some weighing more than 40 tons. The height of these stones varies between 3,6 and 4,2 meters. The big circle is surrounded with an immense ditch, a 21 meters wide and a 11 meters profound, and of a bank 9 meters high. Contrary to the big circle of Stonehenge, the bank is here outside of the ditch, what excludes any defensive role to this set. In the center of the outside circle is arranged two other cromlechs. The circle of the North is 98 meters in diameter, good that only remain there some stones. The circle of the South, better preserved, is 108 meter one diameter. Certain sections of this circle are at the moment spread between the houses of this picturesque village. A wide “avenue”, established by two rows of stones raised by pairs, leaves the southeast entrance of the big circle; the tracks of another western leaving avenue were recognized. Avebury is registered, with Stonehenge, on the UNESCO world heritage list since 1986 within ” Stonehenge, Avebury and associated sites “. Let’s go, we are going to visit the druids, crop circles, and UFO 😉 !


Where is it?

Avebury, Witshire, United Kingdom

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