#318: Visiting the Kings of Spain’s Pantheon

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#318: Visiting the Kings of Spain’s Pantheon

esIdée #317 – Visiting the royal palace of Escurial

UnescoThe royal site of Saint-Laurent-de-l’Escurial (in Castillan: Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial) is situated in 45 km in the Northwest of Madrid. The palatial complex was ordered by king Philippe II, at the same time in commemoration of its victory of Saint-Quentin on the troops of Henri II, king of France, on August 10th, 1557, and for the expiation of the massacre of the taken refuge civilians committed then by its troops in the church Saint Lauren and, finally, to raise a burial place to his parents, emperor Charles the Fifth and Isabelle of Portugal, as well as in itself and to his successors. The building, built from 1563, gets organized around square courtyard arranged in chessboard, containing a palace, a pantheon, a basilica, a convent, a college, and a library. Let’s go, we are going to visit Charles the Fifth!


Where is it?

Escorial, Madrid, Spain

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