#587: Exploring the megaliths of Armorique

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#587: Exploring the megaliths of Armorique

frIdée #587 – Visiter la zone mégalithique du Golfe du Morbihan

UnescoThe site of Carnac was probably occupied since the 5th millennium BC, in a continuous way. The megalithic alignments of Carnac, counting 2934 menhirs, would have BC been set up between 4 000 and 2 000 years, of the average Neolithic in the final Neolithic. The alignments are shared in several different groups: the alignments of Ménec include 12 convergent rows of menhirs which extend over more than a kilometer, with vestiges of areas closed by a circular surrounding wall of menhirs in every extremity. The biggest stones, on the West, reach 4 m of top; their average height decreases along the alignment to reach height extremely at East. This plan is repeated in the alignments of Kermario a little in the East. Other smaller alignments strew the site, as those of Kerlescan and Small Ménec. Nearby, saint Michel’s impressive tumulus was late reused as hillock to welcome a chapel. In the surroundings, numerous megalithic groups are worth seeing, as that of Locmariaquer, with the Big menhir broken by Er Grah (” Pierre de la Fée ” in Breton) the highest, and most exceptional menhir of Europe (21 m of height when it was raised, 3 m of width, mass considered at 280 t), the tumulus of Mané and Hroech, of 100 m of length and 60 m of wide, 10 meters high, searched in 1863 and which hid in its center a funeral chamber, long  of 4 meters, in which the researchers found an exceptional furniture (106 axes polished in jadéite or fibrolite, as well as pearls in variscite) or the dolmen of Pierre Plates, is a construction long of 25 m. Let’s go, light on, we are exploring the tumulus !


Where is it?

Carnac, Morbihan, Bretagne, France

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