#303: Diving in Cuba

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#303: Diving in Cuba

cuIdea #303 – Diving on Guajimico in Cuba

Cuba island offers more than 4000 km of coast, and numerous islands encircled by coral reefs. The most famous sites are Isla de la Juventud, Maria la Gorda, and Guardalavaca. We chose this last region, in the bay of Naranjo, which presents 32 km of coasts, 7 intact islands and more than coraliens 6 km of cliffs, that is more than about twenty beautiful sites of dive. The water is of a big transparency as in all the Caribbean. We can observe numerous tubular sponges, black corals, groupers, stingrays, parrots, ballistas, and groups of barracudas and Lutjans there, bat fishes (!), as well as the famous Cuban spiny lobster. Let’s go, and make warm the barbecue, here we are!


Where is it ?

Naranjo, Guajimico, Cuba Island

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