# 302: Diving on the Island of la Reunion

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# 302: Diving on the Island of la Reunion

To dive in the Island of la Reunion, we recommend you saint Leu’s point, which abounds in sites. It is possible todive there all year long, the water varying 23 ° in 26 ° in winter, and being able to reach 30 ° in summer. This period is the one where the life on the reef is the riches. For diving, some ideas : in the South, the Kiosks, a dive from 3 to 30 meters: you will explore a white sandbank following a magnificent coral platier towards which often go lines eagles. Northward, you will evolve around numerous weaknesses alive and kicking and sheltering from impressive tabular acroporas. You will also see “Leaf Fishes”, lizards and crocodiles, dragon fishes, stingrays and other benches of jack fishes with blue points. On the cliff, numerous scorpion fishes are hidden; sometimes you will even see dolphins ! For pros, try the point of the Salt “la pointe du Sel”, between 40 and 60 meters. Watch out, we tested it and confirm you, the spot was a little be “picky”. Let’s go diving !


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Sites de Saint Leu, Île de la Réunion, France

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